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You never know if you’re chasing your fate, waiting for it, or running from it.


If our whole universe was made of frequencies and sounds…
If you lived life as a sheep with the wool pulled over your eyes…
Would you believe everything you hear?

Until there is a way to define the process God is growing us through, my words might as well be gibberish. Until there is a way I can learn to love like the Lord, I will not have found my purpose on Earth. Until I am reunited face to face with my father himself, I will not have started living.
For this measurement that we call time, is not a countdown until our body stops…but a window of opportunity that we must pour ourselves into as Jesus did.

The most honest a being can be with itself is when the thought of death enters their head. Wheather they are contemplating taking matters into their own hands or just scared and thinking of ways to prolong the natural/destiny written end of their physical existence: We want safety, we want reassurance, we want it all. Spiritually, emotionally, and physically. So lets see it now and continue on with this life here on Earth.


A promise might be of more worth to one person than another, but that does not change the universal value of a promise in any situation.


In regards to your/every thought/s on religion/s/holy books in general EVER:

The problem is not that every religion or holy book contradicts itself. The problem is that you have 6,692,030,200 (roughly) people trying to translate them or following another persons thoughts on what the meaning of something may be(who ALSO is just translating.) In some cases people are confused, in other cases people just take certain situations or conflicts and put their own circumstances on it for their own convenience . YOU are the ones flipping everything upside down and the reason people have these different thoughts. These books that hold all for specific religions have not only been translated languistically thousands and thousands of times but also metaphorically, figuratively, and literally… The list could go on and on… My point being: What the fuck is even going on with this world of right and wrong, dark and light, up and down, and so on…?

Most often people can agree they are the same religion and worship the same being, but still there are different genres because they dont agree with some of the same things. Well lets just see this: “I want to worship the same higher being as you but since we dont agree on somethings lets add a little tag to the title to make sure people recognize this.” Its like going to the fucking store and reading the labels on all the different versions or Clorox bleach they have now. “I want this but I dont want this, but this looks good, but I definitely dont want this, but I like this…oh, there are so many different things to choose from.”

I have no problem with organized religion. No problem at all. What I do have a problem with is “right and wrong.” Not with trying to find out whats right and whats wrong. My problem is with “right” and “wrong”. My problem is with your, your, your, your, your, your, your, your, your, your, and your “right” and “wrong.”  Your thoughts are of another’s seed and another’s seed and another’s seed and so on… Like playing telephone with 5 year olds.

Eventually things evolve for the better or worse, no pun intended(and no reference to Charles Darwins). Something that one teaches to another and is passed on to others, or taught to even yet another will change eventually. Do not think that I am saying the actual original meaning will change. I am saying the present thought over time on the meaning will change. Because with teaching comes translation and with translation comes change no matter what.

So if YOU can say “this” is “wrong”, and THEY can say “that” is “right”, shouldnt WE have the same right as THE REST to define our VERSION of JUSTICE or what is JUST. Regardless of whose GOD is real and what religion is THE ONE, we all have this problem regarding these religion shaped cliques.

There’s not hella rules, there’s just a rule for everything.


If time is money, and you drop a dollar on the ground…and you stop to pick it up…Youre only breaking even.